Asavela Mngqithi is expecting a baby

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Asavela is known from being an actress at a TV series called Isibaya. She know confirmed to social media that she is pregnant, and not only on Isibaya but in reality.

She posted on Instagram saying ” The best thing I’ve ever done, I can’t wait to meet you. Taking you to set was kinda scary but with all the risk assessments the team @bomb_productions put in place, I feel confident and happy to introduce you to the world. I am going to call you umfihlo lol because of the level of secrecy that we share. Thank you @zwabeka for the continuous support you have given us. To all the mothers (new+pregnant) out there stay safe healthy and strong in this difficult time. “

Congratulations to Asavela. Make sure you take care of yourself and the little one during this time.