Does he like me? know the type of man who wants your attention

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The world of dating isn’t as easy as many would like to believe. How do you know if a guy is the right one for you? That’s what we’re going to talk about here. It’s never a good idea to rush into anything and invest too much time into a person. You very well could end up wasting your time and energy by doing so.

He listens and cares about what you have to say

A guy only pays attention to a woman if he’s interested in her. You’ve probably noticed this quite a bit. You can talk to your blue in the face with a guy who has no interest in you whatsoever. If he listens and pays close attention, then he’s into you. That’s the reason why he’s so focused on what you have to say.

He’s always trying to be close to you

We’re not talking just hugs and kisses. But, he puts his body near yours. He wants you to invade his personal space. This is one of those body language signs that can’t be faked. A man only allows someone else to get close to them if they trust the person. If he’s constantly trying to find ways to be closer to you, then he wants to be more than just friends.

You’re a part of his schedule

Every person these days has a schedule that’s chocked full of things to do. Does set aside time especially for you? If so, then he’s doing it for a reason. Does he take time away from his friends to be with you? If so, this is an even bigger sign that he’s into you. He feels that you’re a whole lot more fun to be around than his friends. That’s saying a lot, and it’s something that can’t be overlooked.

He smiles while talking to you

Happiness is very hard to fake. If he’s smiling and his eyes are sparkling, then he’s happy around you. It’s a wonderful feeling, and he does nothing at all to hide it. You’re the reason why he’s so happy. Think about that for a minute. You make him so happy that there’s a smile plastered all over his face.

Take it slow and never be in a hurry

Bad things happen when guys and gals hurry something as beautiful as love. Make sure to give him plenty of room to cultivate his feelings. Allow the love to grow between the two of you. Rushing into things will hurt your relationship. Instead, allow it to blossom and mature naturally into something wonderful.