DOOM Pastor Found Quilty on FIve Charges

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PASTOR Lethebo Rabalao apologised for spraying Doom in people’s faces yesterday . The young South African Self-proclaimed Prophet apparently fears a prison sentence. Rabalao testified in Mookgopong Magistrates Court yesterday, saying he never meant to hurt anyone.

He was earlier found guilty on five charges of assault with intention to cause grievous harm, as well as contravening the Agricultural Remedies Act. He asked the court to consider that he had complied with the High Court ruling when he was banned from using Doom to spray people.

“I admit to be corrected. It is painful but also a teaching because as a young person, I understand I can also be corrected by the law.

“The court must look at things from its perspective. I am operating as a prophet and not a pastor or a teacher,” said Rabalao

Magistrate Frans Mahodi told him that beliefs and how they were practised had to be in line with the Constitution.

“What are you saying to the victims of your actions? The case is for the whole nation. We need to understand you saying you are a prophet and not a pastor.

“You were here when the council of churches said they didn’t recognise your church. Why are you not recognised, yet you say you are led by the spirit and take instruction from above directly?”

State Prosecutor Chris Maruma wanted to know if Rabalao would disappear, as he previously claimed, if the court sent him to jail.

Rabalao denied remembering telling anyone such a thing.

His mum, Everistor Rabalao (57), asked the court to think about her disability. “I can’t survive without Lethebo. He is the only one helping and protecting me,” she said.