Four teachers tested positive for Covid-19 in Western Cape

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Four teachers tested positive for Covid-19 in Western Cape, it seems like the teachers came to school with the virus not that they got it from school. All the teachers were tested and only to find that some of them were already infected.

Those were the teachers from Hague Primary school, Parkvale Primary School, Kasselsvlei Primary School and Wallacedene Primary School.

Every parent has the right on whether they take their children to school or not.

Teachers returned to school on the 25 of May to prepare for the return of the Grade 7 and 12 and also to receive their personal protective equipment and to make sure that the school are well organized, when the students return.

Western Cape educational department spokesperson said they are still waiting for confirmation on whether the school was affected or not.

There are still tests that will be runned on those schools to check whether it is safe to take children back to school or not.