How could jealousy end up ruining your relationship

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We are all born with basic instinct and one of the most destructive instincts is jealousy. Jealousy has a negative impact on a relationship not only in an intimate one but also in friendship.  Jealousy could mend down feelings that could lead to insecurity, anger, fear, suspicion and break up.  At first, you might think that your partner loves you because he or she becomes jealous of certain things. Think about it this way, have you ever asked yourself why your partner is so jealous? well, let’s jungle how can you tell if your partner is jealous…

Signs of jealousy

You might start to believe your irrational thought that you know exactly what it might not be true. You might not allow your partner to spend too much time with his or her friends because you think they might influence him or her to see other people. You start watching his or her actions very closely. You may feel that the love he or she is giving you is not enough. You may want to know about his or her whereabouts, as in like they need to report to you all the time. You don’t even like it when your partner spends too much time on his or her cellphone. You start to compare your partner with your ex or even your friend’s girlfriend. Sometimes jealousy in a relationship is needed but let it not be a frequent thing. Jealous could also lead to low self-esteem.

Have you ever asked yourself, why am I feeling this way about my partner?

Sometimes the cause of jealousy is not your partner but the past that you think might happen again because you haven’t dealt with it properly. It makes you feel like your partner doesn’t appreciate you and can replace you at any time.

In conclusion, all I can say to you is, communication is the only way to deal with your problems. There is no need for you to be jealous over the limit. After all, if your partner really loves you he or she won’t do anything that could destroy your relationship. So let’s try to decrease the level of jealousy in relationships so that our love life could be healthy and enjoyable. Talk openly and directly to one another. Allow your partner to have his or her time alone without you being there, sometimes it’s needed. Most of them all, appreciate your partner.