How do you know if the girl of your dreams is using you for your money?

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It’s a question that many guys end up having to ask themselves. Here we’re going to give you some tips that will help you determine what her motive is behind dating you.

Does she avoid introducing you to her family?

Think about this one for a quick second. Does she try her best to avoid introducing to her friends and family? If so, she’s probably using you. Why? She doesn’t view the relationship as important enough to introduce you to her family. Plus, she may be using other guys as well. It’s entirely possible you’re not the only one. She cares about what her family thinks and doesn’t want them to know what she’s doing.

Do you always end up paying for everything?

Sure, it’s common for a guy to pay for the meals and all that. But, do you find yourself paying for every single thing? It’s one thing to be nice; it’s an entirely different thing to pay out of pocket for everything. If you find yourself buying stuff beyond supper, then she’s trying her best to get as much money as possible.

Does she constantly ask you for money?

This is the big one right here. Are you constantly giving her money? What happens if you don’t give her the money? It’s one thing to help someone out and something entirely different if you’re continually forking over the cash. Nothing could be more evident that she’s out for your money if you’re constantly dishing it out. Put an end to it and see how she reacts. If she becomes upset, then you know without a doubt that she only cares about your money.

No one deserves to be used

It may take you some time before you realize that she’s using you. No one wants to believe that someone would stoop so low as to use them for their own gain. It happens, and you should be aware of it. If you’re in a relationship where the woman only cares about your money, then get out fast. That is unless you’re the type who doesn’t mind it. If you’re okay with being a sugar daddy, then stick with it. Though, you should understand that nothing is going to come of the relationship. It won’t grow and blossom into something beautiful. You’ll keep on giving her money, and she’ll pretend to care about you.