How to have a healthy and enjoyable relationship

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Being in a relationship is a nice thing but the question is, is it healthy enough? We all love being loved and have a serious relationship but we don’t take the courage to build it. There is a lot of work that goes into building a healthy and enjoyable relationship. Have you ever thought of how could you fix up your relationship?

improve communication with your partner

Talk to your partner about everything that’s happening in your life. It is very healthy for your relationship to have good communication skills. No matter how big or small your situation might be, opening to your partner builds trust and honesty. Always tell them how you feel and stop being afraid of rejection or remorse and If you’re upset to let them know that your angry, don’t let them assume. If they made something that makes you happy, he or she should know you loved it.

After all communication to relationships, it’s like oxygen to life.

Be inquisitive

Ask your partner about his or her feelings. Asking a lot about your partner’s life and their feelings shows that you care about their well-being and you have a lot of interest in their personal life. Hence it caresses your partner to freely make space and time for you in their life.

Ask if he or she is happy in your relationship.

Never forget to ask nicely

Always learn to appreciate the little things they do for you, is much more than enough. Always say please and thank you, those words do matter. It proves to them how well mannered you are.

Talk openly about sex

Let them know if you’re not satisfied. Give them a tap at their back if they did well while you two were having sex. Never pressure your partner about something they don’t know. Let them know how you like it. Let them know about your “fantasy sex”, I mean everyone has a place where they would like to have sex, you can’t always have it on the bed.

Never go to bed angry

Let your bedroom be a perfect place to fix your problems. If your tired, you better sleep it off and talk about it in the morning. That is the only place where you get your time alone.

Always tell them how you feel about them

Remind your partner how blessed you are to have them in your life. Every chance you get tell your partner you love them. Even if you can tell them million times it’s fine, it helps strengthen your relationship.

Love yourself

You can’t be loving someone while you don’t love yourself. Tell yourself you beautiful and you deserve it all. Be comfortable with who you are. Always be presentable and tidy.

Be honest

Be truthful with each other. Never lie to your partner because relationships are broken by lies. Honesty creates trust.

Be loyal

Let your heart belong to one person. Loyalty goes with love. Let your partner be the only queen or king of your Kingdom.

It takes hard work to build a relationship. No relationship is perfect they all have tantrums. It’s up to us how we want our relationship to be, and it’s only two people who can make it work. We love, love.