Is masturbation good for your health?

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It’s a definite ‘yes’ it is truly healthy. Masturbation has even health benefits like helping you to relax and also reduces stress. People masturbate for their sexual pleasure or when their partner is not around.

Do most people masturbate?

Most people do masturbate even if they don’t admit it but deep down they know they do. It’s common for people of any gender or age to masturbate. Most teenagers start to explore the sexual experience by masturbating. People usually masturbate when they are alone because they think it’s unusual to do it in from of people.

People who are single together with those who are in a relationship do masturbate. People masturbate for their own good reasons, some might think it helps them relax which is true and some might do it for the fun of it while doing it while their partners are away.

Is masturbation ever enough

We differ as people and if something pleases you, you will never get enough of it. Some people do masturbate every day even more than once a day. Some people do it once in a while and that is perfectly normal. Some people don’t masturbate at all and that is also normal too. Masturbation can be too much when it comes on your way to do your daily chores, you should know a perfect time and place to do it.

Do people in a relationship masturbate?

People in a relationship do masturbate. Whenever you masturbate when you’re in a relationship it doesn’t mean your partner doesn’t satisfy you, but people do it for their own pleasure.

How is it healthy to masturbate?

  • It helps relieve stress.
  • It also helps improve your self-esteem.
  • To release sexual tension.
  • It helps relieve menstrual cramps.
  • It helps you relax.
  • It also helps boost your moods.
  • It helps to prevent illnesses such as STD, HIV and unexpected pregnancy

Though we might find it hard to believe that our partners do masturbate, at some point, we have to accept that it’s healthy and it helps them a lot. Even if your one of those people who sometimes find themselves masturbating don’t stop, keep on doing it as it has a positive impact on your life.