Protesters Shut Down Mogale City In Krugersdorp

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Residents of several townships in Mogale City have marched on the Krugersdorp CBD in protest against drugs and human trafficking. A number of buildings believed to be a drug dens have been set on fire, several shops and taverns have been looted.

Roads where barricaded with burning tyres and rocks, cars where not allowed to go in or out. Residents say they will continue the demonstrations if the municipality fails to agree to their demands.

Police pushed protesters out of the CBD, violence flared up in neighbouring communities. Around 3 000 protesters clashed with police in Munsieville.

Thousands of rubber bullets were fired by police along with tear gas and stun grenades in an attempt to disperse the crowd.

Protesters retaliated by throwing stones and petrol bombs at police, using mattresses and corrugated iron sheets as shields.

Local Councillor Norman Sedumedi says residence have had enough of the drugs being sold in the area and they want the municipality to close down all the suspected drug dens. Failure to do so by this evening they will see the protest continues.

Sedumedi said “the municipality must try to sort out with order ship of those buildings, if there is no clarity they must look them down today”

“Let’s unite and reclaim our city from crime, drugs and human trafficking,” read a poster.

According to one resident, residents of Kagiso and Munsieville were marching to the Krugersdorp CBD.

They are accusing foreign nationals in the area of selling drugs and abducting a child.

“There is a traffic standstill in Kagiso, Munsieville and Krugersdorp as cars are not allowed to go in or out,” said the resident.

“Every main road in the area has been blockaded.

“Taxi drivers have also joined the march.”