No kissing, hugging and shaking hands is allowed, Ramaphosa said.

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South Africa has been facing a huge challenge for the past months. Coronavirus has took over the world in a way that there is no longer freedom in us. Ramaphosa has addressed that people shouldn’t hug, kiss and shake hands as it is in the past now. The number of infected people increases in a mysterious way each and every day and this means in the next coming months a lot of people will have Covid-19.

President is proud to see that South Africa is taking the thing of wearing musk very seriously and people are always wearing their musks.

The last seven weeks South Africa have been asked too much but only for the safety of our lives.

President will address about the requested that the nation have been asking for when they are done discussing about it.
We need to stand as one and build stronger SA.
May God bless South Africa and protect it’s people.