Pastor was found hanging in his mother’s house.

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A 36-year-old Goitsemodimo Madoda, a pastor from Temple of God Church in Ramokgwebana was found hanging in his mother’s house. The pastor committed suicide using his church belt to hang himself. He was later discovered by his niece. They said he wasn’t himself after he returned from the clinic.

The reporters said the pastor looked a bit depressed before he died, so he used the opportunity to hang himself after he came back from the clinic and there was no one in the yard as his mother was out. He was found dead on his mother’s rafters.

The community says the pastor was a kind and humble man who feared God and they never expected him to do such a thing to himself.

“It is very odd for him to take his own life, why didn’t he seek for help from other people or maybe talk to a psychologist rather than taking his own life”.