Sjava and Ambitiouz Entertainment have parted ways

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The South African singer Sjava wrote a letter to let his Mzansi know that he left Ambitiouz. He said the reason why he left the label is known by him and the industry. He encouraged his fans not to bad mouth the industry even if they say bad things about him.

Sjava will soon go independent and he promised to deliver good music to his fans like he always did.

“I will forever be grateful for everything that they have done by giving me an opportunity and platform when no one did” he thanked the label.

He is also grateful that he managed to build his mother a house at home. Indeed Sjava made great music with the record label and all he is thankful for is being given an opportunity.

We wish you luck in everything that you will do after this and Mzansi will be there to support.

Here is the letter that he wrote to let the nation know that he left Ambitiouz: