Somizi and Ntsiki Mazwai Roast Each other Live on Radio

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As you might have heard the next Comedy Central Roast Series is to air on DSTV Channel 122  7th May with Somizi Mhlongo  on the hot seat. So a little recap has already went down between Ntsiki Mazwai and Somizi Mhlongo this Tuesday morning live on Metro FM’s DJ Fresh Breakfast Show. 

The two have being roasting each other for a while on black tweeter streets. But the mood was set by somizi’s remark of Ntsiki to “Ntsila Mazwai” in a recent interview.  Here is what wen down on DJ Fresh Breakfast Show.

Ntsiki threw the first punch:

“Somizi I’m still surprised that you’re here on radio because it’s not something that you’re particularly good at.” IYOOH ???

Somizi said:

“I know it’s a difficult request but keep it clean.” LOL! ???

Ntsiki threw a second punch:

“The funny thing about that, is that you look crusty as rich as you are, you also look dirty.” WHOOP! ??????

“Yes, we’re looking forward to celebrating you Somizi but we would’ve loved to enjoy the Somizi of Sarafina when you actually had talent.” ooh Crap! ???

Ntsiki then asked Somizi if he will be wearing his weave on the Comedy Central Roast.  ?? ?? ??

Somizi said:

“No, I won’t because unlike you I’m easy to be remembered, unlike you, you have to wear beads for people to remember you.” [sic]Ouch! ???

Ntsiki then went on to promote her brand new album which will be launched at the Soweto Theatre on Friday, DJ Fresh then asked if she would be paid?

Somizi chimed in by saying

‘of course, it’s her first pay cheque.’ WHOOP! ??????

LOL???,  This is what we are expecting on the next Comedy Central Roast Series, tune Channel 122 for more roast loughs .