Suprising things men love about woman.

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The little things that women are embarrassed about, man loves them. Man has a different taste when coming to what’s hot and what’s not. There are physical characteristics that guys love, not talking about the beautiful faces and body but the smaller things we hate about ourselves. Here are a few things that girls find weird but turn out boys are attracted to them.

Stretch marks

Girls usually try to avoid and cover up stretch marks as they find them unattractive to boys. Stretch marks are usually caused by weight gain, pregnancy, growth, and girls try by all means to use tons of lotion and creams to get rid of them but none of them really work as they only reduce the appearance but don’t remove the marks. Most of the men actually like them as they are a natural thing.

Wet hair

It might sound weird but men think wet hair makes girls look super cute. Next time you wash your hair don’t be in a hurry to blow dry them. They like the fact that they get to see your natural beauty in that dripping wet hair.

Body sweat

Don’t be surprised when your man finds you attractive when your all sweaty after you worked your butt out at the gym, it means he likes the fact that you are not ashamed of how you look right after. Although some girls are afraid to go to the gym because of they afraid to look all gross and sweaty in front of their men, boys don’t even care about that. They need to see the sexy part in you while you working hard and getting sweaty at the same time.


Man’s usually call moles, beauty spots. They love them as they turn to make a woman unique. Moles are found in different places in a body, though some women may find them annoying and may want to remove them. A man might find them attractive and they might think they make you more beautiful.

Red lips

The color red of lipstick usually attracts men, not only because of red present love but because it trims the size of your lips and makes them look juicy. Red lipstick brings complexion in your face and makes you look cuter.

Messy hair

Though girls like it when their hair looks neat, they even spend more time trying to get their hair right. Men like to see the messy part of you and they get to see it while your hair is all messed up. They find girls with natural messy hair more beautiful.

No make-up

Guys find it a huge turn off to kiss a girl who is smeared with lipstick. They like to see their woman natural or with less make-up. As much as girls love a makeover, boys are not that much interested in it.

Dimples of venus

The dimples can be found above the butt, a lot of guys find those dimples more attractive and hot as they look sexy when you naked. Not all of the girls have them, most are the slender girls who have them.

Boys are mostly weird, as they look for smaller things to get attracted to especially if they are natural. They find girls who are comfortable in their natural look more attractive than those who fake themselves. As girls, we need to embrace our natural look, as nobody chooses to have an odd disability. Why do we have to hide the real us? The smaller things that we hide about ourselves are the one that attracts men.