What is love?

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This is the question that we keep asking ourselves, at the end of the day we might not even know what love is. There is a lot of ways that define what love is, but most importantly know the difference between love and lust.

What is love?

Love is an emotional feeling between two or more people that grows over time. It can be love for animals or love for something else.

Love is when you’re attracted to something that you don’t want to let go of. You may say you love your pet or maybe you love flowers too much.

Most importantly love goes along with loyalty, commitment, trust, honesty, respect, and fun. Sometimes it turns out that we expect much from love than what we can offer. We all have different ways of how we express love.

Love is a glue that keeps a relationship strong and solid, it doesn’t matter what kind of relationship is it.

How do you know if a person loves you…

They free around you

Sometimes the little things your partner does when he’s around you might even give you a hint that they love you. They might not be embarrassed to look improper in front of you. The way your partner chews when they around you, it will show whether they are comfortable around you or not. Does your partner even fart in front of you? If not it means they might not be comfortable around you.

They look at you a lot

Next time when you’re out with your partner check how often do they look at you. Eye contact can tell how much your partner cares about you. They can even stare at your eyes for a longer time. They do that to connect with you emotionally through eye contact.

They communicate with you always

They won’t even skip a day without talking to you. They always check up on you all through the day. Even a good morning text can show how much a person is really into you. The only person they want to make sure is okay is you. When your partner tries, by all means, to stay connected with you, it means they love you too much.

They include you in their future plans.

Notice if they talking the ‘us or I’ language. If your partner truly wants to be by your side till death, they always include you in their future plans. Your partner should think abroad from you. How your partner plans for their future with you, it’s either they are falling in love or they are already in love.

Though we were just highlighting a few things about love. The relationship is about two people and to make it work, it doesn’t have to be one-sided and whatever you expect from your lover also return the favour of doing what’s right. Dedicate yourself into your relationship, commit, be truthful, be loyal and also respect your partner so you can have a long loving relationship.