What Went Down on Thobela FM SABC Summer Song of the Year.

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Limpopo’s biggest radio station Thobela FM, has left listeners with anger over the chosen song of the year. The Fm’s Listers IDIBALA (fainted) when Master KG’s Skeleton Move was played, supposedly to King Monada’s Malwedhe as a crossover to 2019.

King Monads’s fans were outraged and took their anger to Thobela FM’s Social Media pages, demanding answers about why their favourite song, Malwedhe, was not recognized as 2018 SABC Summer Song of the Year.

Many people expected King Monada to win the competition with Malwedhe hit, as it was enjoyed by people in other African countries and even overseas. However, the votes were not on his side. Skeleton Move walked away with the biggest prize, ahead of Malwedhe by 430 votes.

The SABC Summer Song of the Year competition ended with Master KG’s Skeleton Move on first place with 136 375 votes, Malwedhe taking second place with 135 945 vote and third place was Master KG’s WayaWaya with 3421 votes.

According to the listeners, Malwedhe was their choice and they’re now convinced that the votes were rigged by corrupt deejays. DJs Kwenisto and Boeli were the first suspect of the controversy, as they both showed beef with King Monada and his manager on social media.

On the 1st of January Alpheus DJ Boleli Mailula tweeted: “You can’t disappoint DJ Boleli and win…Big Up to Master KG – Skeleton Move… Song Of the Year.”

DJ Kwenisto also took to social media: “Vote vote vote vote. Wish Master Kaygee to win, Doing well so far. Vote for your favorite

FM, listeners noted that the beef between King Monada and DJs Boeli started when Monada failed to attend their event which took place in December last year.

Both DJs Kwenisto and Boeli are currently suspended and taken off air pending the outcome of internal investigations.

Master KG, said winning the award meant a lot to him and he always knew Skeleton Move was going to be a hit. He said there was something unique about its instrumentation and melody from the beginning.

Master KG denied there was any bad blood between him and Monada: “There is no beef. It’s people who create this beef by comparing us.

Master KG won a Kia Picanto worth R150 000 and a R100 000 cash prize. The official handover will take place next month.