What’s allowed in South African Covid-19 Level 3

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As of the 1st of June South Africa will be moving to level 3 of national lockdown. There were rules that were set under the level 3 lockdown. This doesn’t mean that the virus is over, people should be prepared to live like this for some time until they find a cure or treatment.

Here are things that will be permitted:

  • Alcohol will be permitted under certain time
  • All clothing shops will be opened
  • All household appliances sales
  • Domestic air travel for business travel will be allowed
  • Commercial business projects
  • People will be allowed to exercise anytime during the day
  • Wholesale and retail including spaza shops will be completely open.

What’s not allowed during Level 3:

  • No Conferences events and gathering
  • No interprovincial travel
  • Mask wearing is still compulsory
  • No social gatherings
  • Cigarette sale will remain prohibited
  • Gyms will remain closed
  • Hotel and accommodation for leisure
  • Restaurants
  • Restaurants, bars, taverns, beauty and hair care remain closed

South Africa continue to stay home and remember to wash your hands regularly.