Zodwa Wabantu responds to Celeste Ntuli panties criticism

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It was earlier this week when Celeste Ntuli Spoke to Bob Mabena about her role as the leading lady of an upcoming film Locking For Love. A film about ordinary girls looking for love, with high hopes to rich-out to “Normal Girls.”

In the interview the comedienne said “It’s a movie that will attract normal girls. I am reaching out to my audience who are just normal girls. There’s nothing extraordinary there.”

“Just being a girl. It’s those girls that are not celebrated mostly, those that are working hard, putting in the hours and we have some girls taking off underwear’s and I hate that.”

Mabena questioned Ntuli if she was referring to Zodwa Raunchy dancing?

“I hate it. I don’t understand why Black women are tip-toeing around it, it’s disgusting and it makes us black women look like the things we’ve been fighting not to look like. Everyone has called us the b-word, the h-word and every other word out there. Even black women [sometimes call us this]and I am very disappointed by this. Why are they called private parts? They must remain private.

“And we’ve come so far. If a black man beats a black woman, it perpetuates exactly what we’re trying to curb. So, as a black woman, you know the odds are against us. You walk into the boardroom with a minus.”

She was then asked if Zodwa was in the room, what she would say.

“I’d say nothing. That’s how much it infuriates me. I don’t even want to take a picture with her. And I am happy to say it. I don’t care what people will say,” she concluded.

Zodwa wabantu took the battle to social media after hearing nthuli’s views about her. A post which she deleted, Maybe because she recently made vows to her fans and her boss DJ Tira “about lounge.”

In response Zodwa siad:

“You are disgusted? Vomit. Sisi, let’s move along. You won’t take a picture with me? Did I ask for it? You don’t like me? I hate passionately. If you were asked about me, you could have said, ‘I don’t know her to Bob or no comment @celestentuli.”

“I don’t need to be liked by any of you. Do your thing. Don’t involve my name to your business sies. I don’t make friends with anyone. I work hard. That’s why you promoting your comedy movie, ngami mxm. Wazile ukuthi when you mention my name uzoba happening. Back off.”